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Useful Vs Useless Counter-Tops

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

One of the most common items on homeowner’s wish lists is the desire for more counter-top space.  While no one wants exposed clutter out in the open for everyone to see, there is still a desperate need for more work space.  The trick here is in the “work space” not just more counter-top space.

There’s not much need for counters that we can not use as part of the kitchen.  If we have 40 square feet of counter located on the other side of the kitchen as the cook-top or sink area it quickly becomes a drop zone for the family.  We also affectionately refer to this area as the family “crap catcher”.  A bit crass but yet every family knows exactly what area in their kitchen this is referring to.  It’s OK, we all have one.

Our goal is to improve counter-top space WHERE YOU NEED IT MOST.  Check out the below examples:

There is quite a lot of counter-top in the above photo.  Unfortunately it’s not where you need it.  The sink has useful space flanking it but the cook-top was totally robbed of fulfilling it’s full potential.

Then there’s this classic arrangement above.  No counter-space, a wall (oven tower) built next to it, no chance for success.

It is our job as kitchen designers to make sure that we are getting you the quantity of counters you need but also the quality.  The kitchen must be laid out in a way that maximizes the square footage of the space but more importantly makes the most out of the square footage gained.

So You Think Your Kitchen’s Small?…

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Mistretta_before (4)
Mistretta_after (7)

This is to show you that there is probably something that can be done with your space too. This kitchen was defined by a peninsula that stuck out into the room, cutting the space in half. With some imagination and creativity this space was opened up to become a really nice space. We didn’t need to blow out the exterior of the house just had to look at things a bit differently. Moving appliances around and using walls more efficiently gave this homeowner a great kitchen to cook and entertain in.

Is your kitchen being defined by what you see or what could be?

Enlarge Your Kitchen Footprint

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Are you thinking of renovating your kitchen and wish that you could not only improve the finishes, but also expand the space? It may not be necessary to add a costly exterior addition.

Homes in Georgia often have separate formal living & dining rooms which go widely unused in many household – in our own home they look like museum displays!

Your kitchen may be able to easily expand into these rooms offering a larger kitchen “footprint” AND an open living space more in tune with today’s casual living.

Spring Design Tip

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

Even in the current housing market, Money magazine and top real estate websites still tout kitchen renovations as one of the highest return on investment home improvement projects. Still standing at nearly 80% in the Atlanta market!

But building a new kitchen shouldn’t be “all about resale” and not every home improvement decision should be based on the potential likes and dislikes of a nameless, faceless future buyer. Many factors about the home should be considered, such as style, price, neighborhood, etc. so as not to significantly OVER improve and reduce the ROI (return on investment) percentage at the future sale.

Don’t panic! Your kitchen renovation need not result in a boring palette of neutral beige and “super-safe” design elements! Classic kitchen styles don’t have to be boring – and when it comes to resale of a home, clean, classic & clutter-free is truly what sells. By putting your own taste specific style into semi-permanent elements such as cabinet hardware, light fixtures, paint colors and wall decor, you can transition your kitchen into a market ready and “universally appealing” space with little money and effort down the road!

Does Your Re-faced Kitchen Now Need to Be Replaced?

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Here’s an unfortunate scenario that we have encountered much too frequently lately – a client purchases a new home with what appears to be a new kitchen. However, a few months into living in the new home, they start to notice that the sides of their once intact cabinets are now bubbling up and peeling off.

To those of us in the kitchen industry, we know right away that these kitchen cabinets have likely been “re-faced” in an effort to put the façade of a new kitchen on an old kitchen in order to sell the home. The trouble is that unknowing home buyers are inheriting the latent problems associated with this “quick-fix” process. Cabinet re-facing or re-surfacing is touted as a quick and easy alternative to kitchen renovation, but is often an unscrupulous method of temporarily improving the cosmetics of a kitchen without regard to the problems the next homeowner may encounter.

Platinum Kitchens would never want to kick a problem further down the road for a homeowner – we know how to create beautiful, AFFORDABLE and long-lasting kitchens for people on both sides of a home sale – WITHOUT SHORTCUTS.

Are Your Cabinets “Smiling”?

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

When cabinets “smile”, we frown.

What do we mean? Well, as with almost every product, it was just a matter of time before the kitchen industry was inundated with inferior imported cabinets from overseas. Too often, these cabinets are made without the same quality standards as we see in those built here in the States and the result is “smiling” cabinets – bowed shelves, warped doors & cupped sides. Not to mention peeling finishes, sub-par hardware and minimal warranties. Pairing the lack of custom options with any needed replacement items arriving via slow boat just rounds out the laundry list of negative attributes.

Needless to say, the rock bottom up-front price can still be attractive, but the long-term results, not so much. As we’ve said before, kitchen renovation shortcuts are always costly in the long run. Don’t be fooled, other unscrupulous kitchen companies may tout American-built cabinets and often they are selling import product that is shipped flat-pack in a container and only assembled locally.

Platinum Kitchens prides itself in only offering high quality, American-made cabinetry. We sell beautiful, affordable & durable cabinetry built by our neighbors right here in Georgia, Alabama & Tennessee. We want you to know that it is within reach to have a beautiful and lasting CUSTOM kitchen with many years of real smiles.

Unpleasant Chore Made Easy!

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

My least favorite chore: cleaning the tops of my kitchen cabinets! We have 9′ ceilings in our kitchen and our cabinetry does not extend all of the way up leaving a 12″ space which allows for a lovely accumulation of greasy dust. I devised a really easy way to tackle this chore: wax paper! Simply cut the wax paper to fit over the top of the cabinet so that it doesn’t show. When it’s time to clean them the next time, just remove the old paper, dirt and all, and toss it out. It has to be wax paper and not aluminum foil or parchment paper as the wax helps both to weight the paper down so it doesn’t curl up and to attract the dirt and dust so it stays stuck to the paper. Not a glamorous tip by any means, but a true time saver to help improve an otherwise unpleasant chore!

Spring Cleaning…*sigh*

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Spring is here and it’s time (again, sigh) for spring cleaning. Don’t forget to clean your cabinets too. But be careful, not every household cleaner is safe to use on wood or painted cabinets. It’s important to use a Ph balanced cleaner designed for wood products in tandem with an unabrasive lightly dampened cotton cloth or you run the risk of stripping the protective finish and discoloring the cabinets. Avoid using greasy furniture polish too, they leave behind a sticky residue that can actually attract MORE dirt! (Zero-rez is right). I like Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Wash in the small red spray bottle as it won’t leave foggy streaks.

Creating the Illusion of More Space!

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Does your kitchen feel small, dark & crowded? Here are a few tips that work like magic to create the look of more space in your kitchen:

The first is obvious: Declutter!

Beyond that, painting the kitchen and all adjoining rooms in the same, non-boring, neutral tone unifies the areas creating the illusion of more space. We like these rich tones from Sherwin Williams: Latte, Balanced Beige, Basket Beige & Tony Taupe.

Lastly, if you have a raised bar area in your kitchen, it is creating a visual stopping point to the eye, interrupting the space and making it seem smaller. If you are in the market for new counter tops or a kitchen renovation, simply changing this area to become all one level can eliminate this barrier AND give you more counter top space!

January Design Tip

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Do you have a kitchen pantry filled with that white builder-grade wire shelving? Are your cereal boxes and canned goods constantly tipping over? Measure your shelves, take your measurements to your local hardware store, have them cut melamine shelves or plexi-glass to fit and re-set them on top of your existing shelves. You’ve avoided the hassle of installing an entirely new shelving system, solved a major annoyance AND organized at least one frequently used area in your home.

Need More Countertop Space for Baking?

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

We love to bake and entertain at home during the holidays, but are always in need of more kitchen counter top space! Over the years we’ve learned a few tricks for creating a little more room:

Your kitchen table is perfect when baking – it’s a nice large surface and the lower height is just right for rolling out all of that cookie dough. For added counter top space when entertaining, a huge wood cutting board that is big enough to cover either your cook top or kitchen sink is an attractive way to gain more work surface! Just don’t turn on the faucet or the burners!

Holiday Meal Design Secret

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Hosting a large holiday meal can be stressful no matter how large your kitchen might be. But for those of us with more modest kitchens, it can be a logistical challenge to orchestrate the meal preparation so all of the food is ready at the same time. Trust me, with only one oven, I battled this year after year! It finally dawned on me that I needed a new plan. A low setting for slow cookers and even your outdoor gas grill can keep side dishes warm. And make sure to let that turkey “rest” for 30 minutes before carving so you can use that time to reheat last minute items like rolls or pies AND have a juicy bird! All of us at Platinum Kitchens wish you and yours a happy and stress-free Thanksgiving!

What to Do With All Those Tiny Spice Jars

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Fall and football are finally here and it’s time for chili, apple cider & soon, pumpkin pie. All foods that make the house smell wonderful, but require many expensive spices.

Do you have a jumbled heap of barely consumed little jars of spices filling up valuable real estate in your kitchen cabinet? The cabinet is a mess and the spices are past their prime. A waste of both space and money! Solution? First, check the date on the bottom of the jar and toss it out if over a year old. Transfer remaining spices into airtight containers, label, place them in a zip top freezer bag, seal and pop into your freezer. Yes, I know, you have a little less freezer space now, clean it out while you’re at it, but you also have more cabinet space and vibrant spices to use in all of your home cooked favorites.

Summer Kitchen Design Secret

Monday, June 7th, 2010

It’s the south, it’s summer, it’s H-O-T! My solution for keeping my kitchen feeling cool and looking great all summer? Cook outside! Seriously – there are so many recipes available online for using your outdoor grill to cook everything from first course vegetable salads to last course desserts. Less heating up and less cleaning up in the kitchen is always a winning combo for me. Plus, it seems to get the whole family involved which is really the best part.

Refresh Your Stainless Steel Sink

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

It’s time for spring cleaning (again!). Here is a quick tip for refreshing a dingy and dull stainless steel kitchen sink. Take 3 spoonfuls of cream of tartar and mix with a little bit of hydrogen peroxide to create a paste. Apply to the sink surfaces using a soft cotton cloth. Buff gently to remove dirt and bring back the shine, rinse with warm water and you’re done! If you have a garbage disposal, drop in a few lemon quarters, grind ’em up and your sink will not only look good, but will smell great too!

NOTE: this tip is recommended only for stainless steel sinks. It could scratch or discolor sinks and faucets made of other materials like Corian, SilGranite, porcelain, cast iron, clear coated chrome, etc.